Passing into fall with cheerfulness

We are now officially in fall; plans for moving the 2 high tunnels and harvesting storage vegetables have been given actual calendar dates. Winter squash are ripening on the vine – several blue varieties: Sibley Winter Squash and Sweet Meat Winter Squash are harvested now but become sweeter when left in storage several months – even until the next harvest!  The original Sibley seed crop was from Hiram Sibley who introduced it to commerce in 1887 through his seed company in Rochester, NY. I’m looking forward to tasting its rich, moist, sweet flavor baked to perfection to enjoy with friends around the kitchen table

Zeppelin Delicata is back since it received good reviews last year. It was exciting to find out that after baking and stuffing it, the whole squash could be eaten, skin and all.

New England Pie Pumpkin, Butternut, Buttercup and varieties of acorn squash will be available in the fall shares and in the market.

We haven’t been able to harvest our potatoes due to the dampness of the soil. I hope they are tucked in there comfy like, for the time being……  Soil has washed away from the surface and thus more could be thrown into the compost pile due to chlorophyll formation (green skins) rather than on our dinner plates.

If you drive by our farm, you can see the daily progress made on the Jubilee Farm Market building. At the moment, a team of 3 workers are here to put up the metal structure, assemble the greenhouse, and put on the roof. That is just the start…

CSA produce shares should contain: Brussels sprouts, radishes including daikon, sweet peppers, Asian greens, tomatoes, onions, carrots, Swiss chard, watermelon and herbs. Salad mix and raspberries will be available in the market and hopefully also for CSA members.

The final munch

Our last harvest was yesterday…..carrots. It was much too cold for them even under a belated haybale quilt. In farming, the chance to modify procedures may come but once a year. When the dial swivels around to 10-2014, we will winterize the outdoor produce in a more timely manner. Crops are actually in cold storage in the high tunnels; some growth may occur on a sun-filled day at noon when the indoor temperatures reach above freezing. We were not planning on the extention to the base of our thermometer! Next year we will have more reliable cold storage – a thermostat that can say, “Enough already!”.

My final tomato, lettuce, homemade cheese and bread and butter pickle sandwich on carrot rye bread was savored munch by munch. Sandwiches will continue to be sensational, though not as colorful, with a variety of bean spreads, cheeses by Loida and Nathan, pickles and new breads. The bread for sale this week will be a whole wheat potato dill bread.

I made my first curry powder to add to a butternut squash and chicken dish that was served over millet. Silly me, for the longest time I thought there was a special curry powder pepper as there is a chili pepper! Curry powder is a mixture of spices and it varies the world over. I liked this recipe: 5 T coriander, 2 T cumin, 1T turmeric, 1 t ginger, 2 t mustard, 2 t fenugreek, 1 1/2 t black pepper, 1 t cinnamon. 1/2 t cloves, 1/2 t cardmom, 1/2 t cayenne. All the spices are in powdered form and of course can be modified up or down.

The market boxes this week should contain: potatoes, the last leeks, a couple onions, candy carrots, zeppelin and butternut squash, dried mint, frozen corn and frozen raspberries.

The plan for the remaining time is to continue each week with potatoes, onions, candy carrots, buttercup squash (the big ones) and a one week addition of: dried fennel, dried tomatoes, dried red sweet peppers, bread and butter pickles, a choice of sauerkraut or hamburger dill pickles and most likely other things.


High Horse Assessment

Here’s the question….Am I a farmer or a gardener? Actually, I am both. I am one of three farmers in the occupation of cultivating our acres of vegetables and fruits and I have flower gardens as a hobby, though this year that went by the wayside. This hrumph comes from a fairly important conversation trying to convince someone we were farmers. The individual is taking a week to confer with others in order to make the official decision. I calm myself down by repeating (to myself) that this way of thinking is exactly what we are trying to change one carrot or cucumber at a time. In other words, it is an important conversation to be having and it will not be the last!

“Coming Up Squash” fiesta this past Saturday was a lot of fun, I forget the hilarity that can be had around a table! Thanks to everyone who took time to come! We hope to continue having celebrations that bring us together as a community. The various squash recipes are attached under “Files” since I did not have them ready at the time. We do have a winner for the 28.18# Boston Marrow …she missed the weight by .18#.

This week’s pickup should include: red onions, meatloaf sized sweet potato, kale, collards, carrots, pac choi, mizuna, Tokyo Bekana, head lettuce, leaf lettuce and spinach, potatoes, leeks, green peppers, tomato and broccoli.