The count stands at 30!

Our big race for the summer season is….the first crunch of a cucumber and the first kiss of a tomato! We’ve had the experience and now to share the abundance with you! Keep your expectations cool while you sip mint tea since these are sweet little cherry tomatoes I’m talking about. By Wednesday for pick-up we might have 2 per half share so you don’t have to share half bites.

This coming Saturday la novia de Nat├ín arrives! What a delight and uncertainty at the same time. As you know, I love words, but when they get twisted and knoted up in a different language I’m befuddled. French, Thai and even German from 40 years ago can appear in what was planned to be a profound thought in Spanish. Haha!

Farm work is cooly progressing forward though I have moved flowerbeds into first place on my honeydew list. A wedding is an excellent excuse to do what I love and that is to play with flowers. We could start selling hostas except that we have some very nasty weeds that trail along with the roots.

Harvest this week should include a healthy bunch of green onions, carrots and parsley. Twice as many new potatoes to eat after a quick boil. A sampling of spinach and peas where we had hoped to have tubfulls. Such goes farming. And then of course a most auspicious couple of cucumbers and maybe a duet of tomatoes to keep us in 2-beat da-dum time.