Fiesta time

Whew! The new tunnel is now completed! We called some friends if they would not mind rolling out of bed early Saturday morning to help us put the plastic roof on before the wind picked up. Terrific friends for a perfect day. It isn’t all that complicated; we just didn’t want to sail away on the breath of a breeze.

Both tunnels have also been moved one plot west. We jumped track several times in the process, but in general we stayed the course. Friends came over to glean green tomatoes. They were awestruck by the size of the vines and the tomatoes. Haha! It was party time, dreaming of all the salsa verde. On Sunday, we had a progressive supper while sitting at our table eating homemade tortillas as more food arrived! In thanks for the green tomatoes we received pozole, a pork and hominy soup. What shall I say? It was a sweet ending to a most grace-filled weekend.

Our walk and talk tour on Thursday past was a lot of fun. Questions help us ponder the whys and wherefores about life in a constructive manner. I tried out a new hot pumpkin beverage and judging by the leftovers, only 2 jars had something remaining at the bottom, it was well received. Nathan had suggested using pint-sized canning jars for glasses, which I have plenty of at the moment.

We have planned a fun season finale for those who can come this Saturday anytime between the hours of 2 – 5 p.m. Squash is the main theme since there are a few mammoth Boston marrows left for us to slice and dice. There will be a variety of foods containing squash to sample from beverage to dessert but not the usual fare: no pies or quick bread. Squashy activities are planned such as decorating an acorn squash and squash bingo with prizes. Let us know if you can come and if you are bringing children or a friend or two. We will be indoors unless it is a balmy day.

The harvest this week should include spinach as well as head lettuce, carrots, potatoes, pac choi, onions, squash, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, chard and cilantro.

All the Asian greens go well with any quick cooked vegetable; they don’t like to stew. I had leftover noodles this week and each night I made a different dish other than the original spaghetti. I start with onions and a bit of garlic, add in whatever veggie is handy, meat or beans for protein, noodles at the end of the cooking, a bit of salt and ya, listo! Cheese can be added at the end so it can melt a bit. Cilantro on top for pizzaz. Hot salsa for sitting up straight and in 15 minutes the meal is ready!