“Winter is not a season – it’s an occupation.”

Did Sinclair Lewis write this in November, knowing full-well that the wood was not stacked and snow was imminent, that the carrots and leeks were to be frozen in place if not yanked out from under their covers and that the hens needed indoor living quarters? Never mind that the spinach and kale may not survive the sky-dive on the thermometer. Oh the joys.

Leeks are dipping their toes in water and seem to be thriving stuffed into buckets in the root cellar. We are innovators that intend to learn how to adapt to the extreme weather fluctuations and demonstrate resilience in our lives and in our town. How are we doing? Or rather, is your life more jubilant for having jumped on the Jubilee wagon for the adventure?

Seeing the slow progress of our building can bring on anti-jubilant thoughts and worries. If snow piles up on the polycarbonate roof, the weight can pull the whole thing down! There are no pipes to take the melted snow into the cistern since that is also to be done after the siding is on …. and the worry list goes on and on.

Hope greets the dawning of each new sunrise and notes arrange themselves into a tune for me to hum as I center myself on the day ahead. With that in mind, let us choose to be the change we hope to see, reflected back in the eyes of our compañeros/as. Yes!

Farm shares this week are changing from large leafy greens to solid earth tones: carrots, leeks, onions, potatoes, radishes, butternut squash, apples and garlic. Rutabagas, beets and eggs along with the jams and pickles are for sale. We have not peeked in on the frozen kale and spinach but assume they did not make the jump into the winter of 2014 which begins December 21, wouldn’t ya know.

I am learning to be a fan of rutabagas. Our ‘fine dining’ event last night featured rutabaga pudding: 1 onion, chopped – 4 cups grated peeled rutabaga – 3 eggs – 3 oz neufchatel cheese – 2 cups milk – salt/pepper – 3/4 cup bread crumbs. Sauté onion and then add rutabaga and cook ~ 10 minutes. Heat milk, gradually add to the beaten egg and cheese mixture. Add in the salt and pepper. Stir in the rutabaga mixture and pour everything into a greased 8 x 8 baking dish. Sauté the bread crumbs ( I didn’t) and top the rutabaga with them. Bake for 30 minutes in preheated 350° oven.