See Steve run. Run, Steve, Run!

This past weekend was a runner’s delight! It was cold and clear. I did not get a chance to do my usual cantor around town since we had vegetables to harvest or tuck in for the cold weather, while we were to be gone. Sunday was the Twin City Marathon (TCM). It is known as the most beautiful urban marathon and it is! There are also 26.2 miles of spectators on both sides of the course, all cheering the runners on.

Steve was offered a “carrot” that if he would run the TCM, then our son from Oregon would run it with him, or at least be in the same race! All summer, Steve put in his miles and on weekends running almost to Comfrey and back. It is a HUGE commitment but the health benefits are terrific. I zipped around during the marathon, catching them at mile 1, 11 and at the finish line. What a party, such a hulabaloo! Our son broke most of his previous records and came in at 2.30.24 and was 33rd! What fun! Now Steve, he also did well, from my point of view. He finished and is able to jump and leap and praise the good Lord after running all those steps, uphill and down.

I’ve decided to celebrate my birthday in November and run a mile for each year that I’ve been glad to be alive. My goal is to accomplish that in a week. Many folks may know that I had knee surgery and could hardly walk in the early months of 2012. Everything has knitted together well and I am thankful, very thankful. I was thinking my farming days were going to come to an abrupt end.

Vegetables continue to grow under protective coverings. A variety of lettuces and spinach will provide a salad mix each week. Brassicas: brocoli, cauliflower, cabbage, Asian greens and two kinds of kale will continue long into winter. Radishes will hopefully last out the month of October in their outdoor beds. Parsley and carrots are cold weather champs along with leeks. Nathan harvested all the sweet potatoes since they don’t like any kind of frost. Raspberries are still slowly producing in the high tunnel. We have an extra sheet of agribon over them for protection. We plan to move the high tunnel over the leeks and carrots before the end of October.

Some of the above should be included in this week’s market box along with other storage veggies. Welcome to new members coming on for Fall shares!