Picking a peck of peppers

This week is the start of the fall shares; it will be a new mix of enthused folks on Wednesday! You should be expecting peppers: poblano, serrano, sweet minis and sweet bells along with tomatoes, cucumbers, broccoli, potatoes, red onions, garlic, pac choi, lettuce, cilantro, carrots, radishes, chard and raspberry jam. My refrigerators are full of carrots so the rest of the harvesting will need to occur tomorrow.

I’ve tried out some recipes to become more familiar with poblano and serrano peppers. Green poblanos are milder than when red and serranos are the hotter cousin. Removing the seeds lessens the heat dramatically. One share member added a serrano to her lettuce salad thinking to add a bit of “spice” not knowing that I used that word to mean heat intensity. It livened the dinner conversation a couple of notches! It is also important to wash the oils of the pepper off after cutting them up so you don’t inadvertently rub your eyes and get a painful shock!

Green Poblano Rice (or with mashed potatoes)
2 poblanos, seeded
12 sprigs cilantro

Boil the peppers until they are soft. Blend the poblanos with cilantro using a little of the boiling liquid.

1 C rice
1 onion, minced
5 garlic

Fry the onion with the rice until translucent. Add garlic and fry a few minutes.

Add in the poblano and cilantro. I add 1 2/3 Cup water or up to my first knuckle or you can use chicken broth.
Let the rice cook as usual.

With mashed potatoes…I added the cilantro, poblano, onion, garlic to boiled potatoes and mashed them. They were delicious!

You can also stuff poblanos as you would a bell pepper. Boil the peppers until they are soft. The seeds can be removed from a slit in the side, thus giving you the whole pepper to stuff from the side rather than squeezing everything in the top.

We plan to move our high tunnel, that is over the peppers, in the next 2 weeks before frost hits again. All the peppers will need to be harvested once outside, so hopefully you will have the chance to try several recipes.

Serranos make marvelous salsa, pico de gallo or anything with tomatoes and cilantro. They do have a bit of a punch but removing the seeds makes them less ferocious.