Parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme

Are you coming for your Jubilee share?                                                                            Carrots, squash, potatoes and bread;                                                                          Remember me as one who works there,
and treasured life with a resilient tread.

Which tune did you sing that to? The original ballad of Scarborough Fair dates back to the 1600’s! I think we’ll make the title quartet this week. Parsley will soon freeze with low 20’s. I harvested rosemary and thyme which can continue drying, or be frozen or used fresh to flavor a meal this week. Silvery sage will be snipped tomorrow.

Steve is harvesting Brussels sprouts, Nathan is digging up carrots, beets and leeks and I am here in my warm office attempting to keep us connected, though it is only with  words.

What we grow and market using a small footprint is compared to that which is grown by the 100’s of acres elsewhere and is sold in large grocery stores. Jubilee products will never be the cheapest “kid on the block” due to our labor intensive choices to use life-giving measures rather than the latest killer spray. It is very frightening what is randomly used on our lawns, on “undesireable” plants, insects and each other. I wake up each morning knowing that the Creator left us the world garden to cherish for generations to come but we have gone astray, each of us has turned to our own way. Hmmm

Winter squash, in its many tribes and faces, will be sampled each week during Jubilee Market hours, Wednesdays and Saturdays. This week I plan to incorporate it into a yeast bread. I know some folks don’t like anything to do with squash so the naming will be tricky! Golden wheat bread – that should keep everyone happy and in the dark….