Eating to make friends

I have recently committed Friday nights to making the evening meal for family and friends. Often there are new recipes being trialed so we are all surprised to taste what is served. What fun! This past Friday I felt nostalgic and made meatballs and broccoli with an oyster sauce base and a stir-fried butternut squash with egg and sesame to eat with sticky rice. Dessert was a take on what I call “worm pudding” which has tapioca noodles (worms) in coconut milk with some peaches and raspberries thrown in.

Some of the guests found it truely delicious while others only nibbled. I am fine with that; change comes hard especially with something so near to our hearts as the food we enjoy. I just happen to be on a crusade to change the world one bite at a time!

Sitting around a table makes us all neighbors and friends from whatever belief or language group we come from. How I read the Good Book is that I should be inviting even the folks who don’t eat their vegetables. I haven’t had the courage yet, but I feel it growing and gathering strength. Imagine the life-changing experience for me as well as the guest at my table who wouldn’t give tuppence for sauteed leeks in homemade cheese or kale calzones. Then after the first taste we both smile realizing the moment transformed us.

We’re going through troublesome times in “Our Town” since there is a vote on the horizon. We need to review what our kindergarden teacher tried to instill in us back when we were but knee-high. Hmmmm. Eating more vegetables around my table might just be the bite that makes the difference! What a thought!

Harvest this week should include: a salad mix, a head of winter density, king richard leeks, napoli carrots, onions, potatoes, kale, Asian greens, winter squash and maybe some other odds and ends. There will be cabbage, sweet potatoes, and garlic along with jams, jellies and pickles for sale.

I did make some gooseberry jam that after some trial jelled appropriately. There are two recipes, one is more snappy so you can sample them both.