¬°Buenos Dias!

I’ve had plenty of advance warning but it still comes as an “Oh My!” We now have a wedding to celebrate and the date is posted! My Spanish needs to improve by several notches since that is the language of choice for the bride and her family. All of the wedding events are to happen on our farm! Extra guests will be sleeping in the high tunnels among the cucumbers and tomatoes – just kidding.

In order not to have a “blessing of the weeds” I am checking out all recycled spots in town for large clean cardboard and newspaper to cover weedy flower garden areas that have been ignored and then mulching on top. Donations accepted.

Welcome to our summer share members! We are looking forward to a wonderful season full of tasty surprises. We have summer shares available if you know of folks who might be interested at the last minute.

We are hoping to get a pumpkin patch going in an area that was an overgrown thicket. The goal is to have cherry and slicing tomatoes ready by the first week of July. Slicing cucumbers will follow them. The plants are looking healthy after a rocky start – Gracias a Dios! We have extra slicing cucumber plants for sale if you haven’t planted your garden already.

Garlic scapes are the new veg-in-the-box this week. The flower stem is pulled out of the center of the garlic plant and used in any dish that garlic would be added. This week I have used them in stir-fries with Asian greens, in a yogurt-dill salad dressing and with roasted chicken. They are available only at this time of year so….enjoy!

In addition to garlic scapes, the rest of the harvest should include: carrots, lettuce (last week), radishes, green onions, mint, dill, Pac choi, mizuna, Tokyo Bekana, and oregano.

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