Kissed by the sun

The brilliance of the sun has settled in my front yard in the form of a maple tree! To be visited by such splendor is indeed a memory to be cherished.

Another visitor arrived this week, hailing from Burkina Faso; a friend from bygone days when French flowed more naturally from my heart and mind. Oh my goodness! The well was much too deep to pull up one complete French sentence without a sprinkling of Spanish thrown in. If his stay had been longer, there would have been enough water to sustain our conversation, I’m sure.

The onslaught of insect guests nearly cleared us up for the winter! They came a couple of months too early. I chose to use an organic pyrethrin spray which is a broad spectrum spray derived from crysanthemum flowers. While it is biodegradable, it is neurotoxic for ALL insects. We can live with some chomping and munching, as you have seen but when it is an all out assault, we try and dampen the destruction in a wise manner.

We continue to have guests of all statures and with various food preferences, to be sure. Each raspberry plant seems to have a King Grasshopper managing its bowing branches. The crops that have shade cloth or a row cover have less visitors but then receive less sun power for chlorophyl factories. In this season of diminishing light, it is paramount to grab as much as possible. With the high tunnel moved over the raspberry plot, we hope to have a long enough season to harvest the rest of the maturing berries.

The record-breaking 26°F nearly froze out our tomatoes since both our gas tanks were empty! We plan to have tomatoes for a few more weeks; they may be ones that would enjoy further ripening on the countertop.

The rest of the harvest should include: beets, peppers, carrots, salad mix, onions, herbs, radishes and curly kale. Cauliflower for full share members. Jams and jellies, raspberries, jalapeños, potatoes, and cabbage will be for sale.

I’ve been having a hoot making pepper jams! I’ll have some for you to sample and purchase. The number of **** by the word “pepper” will indicate the heat level. I’m being very mild since this is a conservative area of the world;)

This is the last week for summer share members. For those who are jumping off now, hope to see you back next year in May for our spring shares. Members are always welcome to stop by for a visit, especially over the long winter months and share a cup of tea with bread and jam.