Committed to sharing

Steve and I returned from a 2-day visit with my family in Lancaster, PA. My carry-on was stuffed with kale, pac choi, salad greens and mizuna. I had wanted to take out a lot of jams but read they are on the “List” of potential explosives so I opted not to cause a rucus. The night we arrived, I purchased a large cheese squash to sample. For those two days I cooked up a storm in order to eat everything I brought!

I attended the first sessions of the medical conference with Steve in Philadelphia or Philly, as it is commonly called. Friends from Mountain Lake have a restaurant, the Erawan, located a couple blocks from the conference center just inside Chinatown. They serve marvelous Thai food! We didn’t let anyone know we were coming since the last time they served us up a buffet on the house!

My sister and I have a goal each time we are home, to help our father “share” his stuff or downsize. It has been a long time coming but a car can now drive into the garage and the occupants can exit their own doors accordingly – whew! To celebrate the accomplishment we invited more family and I butchered the cheese squash and made a curried squash soup, whole-wheat squash yeast bread, and a grated squash cake. We also had the crustless kale quiche and a fresh salad to round out the meal. The parting of earthly belongings was lost in the wonderful flavors shared around the table and the hilarity of the moment. Such memories!

Each trip I return with more family momentos – pictures of relations 3-5 generations ago. Their faces surround me from the walls of my kitchen; their stories give me the courage and faith to walk the less traveled way.

What is to be your share this week? It is amazing but there are new things to be added to the list. Leeks weathered the drought well so there will be some this week and maybe two more times. Fall broccoli is far more chipper than the summer crop – hip hip! There should be a head for each member. Are you ready for more kale? I hope so – there are so many good recipes! Tomatoes have ripened lying around on their newspaper pads and are reasonably tasty. Radishes are coming in by the droves! Herbs, potatoes, winter squash, onions, Asian greens, head lettuce and a small bunch of salad mix should fill up your boxes.

On Wednesday, we hope to move the high tunnel off of the raspberries and onto the leeks and carrots to protect them. Most of the harvesting will be done today!