Winding up for Fall

Twenty-six foot cucumber vines have been unclipped, torn down from the overhead rebar supports, and hauled off to a burning pile since they were black with aphids. We opted not to spray pyganic to kill the aphids this year since it is broadly toxic to pollinators. Now the decision is to spray it on the peppers remaining in the same high tunnel; many bugs jumped “ship” as the vines were being dragged out and we do want our peppers to continue for another month.

Lettuce, spinach and Asian greens are being seeded into beds or soil blocks for harvest this Fall. Shade cloth is moved on and off the brasica beds depending on the temperature of the day. We are preparing new beds near the barn in hopes of having most of our work near the home base instead of a different location without a water source. A new compost windrow has been started with our own alfalfa and soil; the main change being no manure!

We continue to dream of having a different building for the cleaning and storage of our harvests as well as a market space. Now wouldn’t that be wonderful? The challenge is that the “laws of the land” have changed from pitch forks to a place setting with 3 forks and I get confused which one to use! When we first moved here we were in Mountain Lake Township; the city was on the north side of the road. Then we were deemed to be all commercial by the town – house, front yard and prairie! It didn’t feel like a home if it was really a commercial building so we hired a surveyor and came up with other boundaries. Now we are asking the town if we can change the chunk of land between the grapes and the windbreak back to commercial. If we could just be a farm again……..

Harvest this week should include: summer squash, celery, parsley, cilantro, red peppers, the last cucumbers, tomatoes, watermelon, BEANS, carrots, onions, eggplant, basil, fennel, and beets. Raspberries will be for sale.