We moved…….the high tunnel

Whoo whoo! A stress fog obscures the emotions when seasons change and we have to find a window of perfect weather to move the high tunnels to their next plot – no wind, no rain, and enough strong people to push. It worked almost perfectly Monday morning. The brown thrasher kept up its doodly tune to keep us focused on fun and frivolity.

Folks stopped in for a quick bite yesterday on their wanderings and we had a most interesting discussion. They are moving to a town on Lake Superior where an active restorative justice program and a host of other endeavors gives rise to the question – “Why not here?”

Moving on… now we have a window of time before the next humidity event to get all of our leeks tucked into their beds. If anyone is feeling bored and wants to learn a new trick, give us a call – we can use some extra hands! The new cocoa date pie cookie will be trialed and tasters are needed as well as a better cookie name.

Spinach has moved into full sunlight and is providing a crop every other day! This week the farm shares should get a nice selection of spinach, some greens, rhubarb, asparagus, choices of frozen broccoli, corn, green peppers or tomatoes; and of course maybe pickles, sauces or frozen berries – depending on the harvest.

A dillema of giant proportions

Take a glance into the greenhouse and note the towering dill tree; its flower is more than a foot across! A random seed must have taken root and found the source of giant proportions. I have been harvesting its feathery leaves for a green garnish during this persistent interlude of somber colors. There is something magical about the color green after a long winter of disconnect.

As has been said before….the puppets represent my “cloud of witnesses” … they are a visual reminder to “get back in the boat and try again” or to choose to dance even though I am lousy and would rather sit it out. Music gives energy to my soul, I can play it to the heavens if no one is around – haha. Someone stopped by the other day and took offense at my methods of staying on track. They tried to peg me in a square hole…..it never works. Spices should always be in containers of any shape, away from light and heat or they lose their potency. After a year, refresh the supply. The Good Book talks about salt keeping its flavor – it rejuvenates itself out and about.

Farm share folks will each get a large bag of greens and some spinach – whoo whoo! Consider yourselves most special. Along with greens there will be choices of wild greens (chives, nettles, solomon’s seal, lovage), MN potatoes or carrots, frozen green peppers, carrots or sauces and pickles for the regular shares.

There are choices to be made, other than what’s for supper. I hope to someday continue the conversation of my shape – I’m aiming for giant proportions – haha.

A new Max

It is a new day of expectant hope. I am maxed out with sorrowful news, where humankind has managed to forget its connections to the Divine. We are family and share the same finite home. Let us count the ways we have progressed down the alternate path of caring for this earth…..

It feels pointless at times; each errand made by foot or bike only tips the scale a nanogram for the amount of fresh air saved. If we were responsible for the garbage we created, would our children be proud to see all the heaps piled around our homes in plain sight? Could I see the sky? We have shown the world how to max out on carbon dioxide emissions. There is a season to turn around and make a change for our children’s children’s.. ∞ might it be now?

Two hundred tomatoes are in the ground and strung up ready to twine around their cords. The reduced number of plants and wider spaces between beds will improve the airflow which should max out their growing potential. One hundred fifty cucumbers are being seeded today; they are fussier about the temperature – a whiff of 50° curls their toes.

Next week begins our new spring CSA farm shares. It is going to be another adventure with maximum excitement and good eats at the ready! Let me tell you. Farming is not for the faint-hearted! My heart would have given out years ago. There will be some creative items from Peacemeals to fill up the boxes until the sun’s warming rays reach the shivering little plantlets. Hey Ho – there is always hope of all sorts!

As to a new Max…..we are now grandparents to a baby Max who hopes to one day come visit us. Now won’t that be special?

Scrub a tub a tub…..of carrots

Two thousand pounds of carrots and counting is an optimistic view about healthy food choices in this town. I may eat handfuls of scrubbed dancing carrots everyday but the indulgence is not replicated in other households. Their legs need a good scrub and a trim off the top and tippy toes – no peeling necessary. Check out the ‘pale orange pants with nobody inside them……

Fortunately, I listen to ebooks to while away the scrubbing of dancing limbs. The plan is to freeze the sweet, crispy dancers and puree the sweet & tired ones for future baking of McGregor’s bread.

This adventure requires constant attention …..always….and then to have alternate plans in all areas. Whew! With the report of more moisture this week, we have opted to use the only dry patch of soil in a high tunnel to plant out the tomatoes. Hauling 40 buckets of compost for the beds through ponds and marshes will be a trick….. We run our laps around town in order to have the strength to keep farming – haha.

April is Earth Month, a time to ponder and set new goals for how to live a cleaner life for our own well-being but more so, for the ones to follow. A scientist from the UMN Bee Lab, Gary Reuter, will be telling some of his stories at the next farm dinner, April 26. Come for a good munch or arrive later to hear his wonderful tales.

There is a celebration of children, families and reading on Saturday, April 27, known commonly as Día or El día de los niños/El día de los libros (Children’s Day/Book Day). There is an RSVP for both of these events. Stop by!

Dancing with dreamers

I have been scrubbing my way through a TON of carrots……that’s 2,233 pounds! Due to the wet fall last year, each carrot has several ‘legs’ and takes on some very odd contortions – many add chuckles while others get me thinking about running and dancing.

At the end of a day, I turn up the music to blow out the cobwebs and magic enters the space where dreams become possibilities once again. I hope the neighbors don’t notice!

What IF? What if our communities were prepared to meet adversity with the available resources we had on hand – energy, transportation, food, communication and did I mention FOOD…real food? Imagine! Clinics and hospitals would write up farmacy prescriptions. During winter months, warm-blooded folks would be thrilled to sign up for a round of indoor church and school walks or runs – The Winter Circuit. We would celebrate everyone’s accomplishments -the sporty and the not so.

What IF? What if there would be such keen interest in real food that there would be 6 movable high tunnels in the two acres east of Jubilee Market? Twenty full-time employees including a chef and a farm manager would be providing awesome produce and good eats year around! Imagine! That would be my piece; it is not out of reach but a choice we would make as a community.

There are many more things to consider before a community is prepared for disaster, of course. What IF? What if walking were the norm or even riding bikes? Whoo Whoo!

It’s these dancing carrots …now if everyone would come and help….we could all dream of ways to make this place more resilient….AND the remaining 300 pounds of carrots would be ready to pirouette around the stage!

Farm share folks are our sustainers – Yay for them! We are coming to the end of winter – do I hear a Hip Hip? This week there is to be a large bag of salad mix for everyone; a choice of potatoes, dancing carrots or beets and then a bunch of choices. Next week will be a come when you want and choose.