As I was saying

There have been 354 snippets since our first main week of farm action in April 2010. We had high hopes and strong resolve, whatever the consequences. to work towards a resilient future for this corner of the planet. Are our families and communities better prepared for what is headed down the tracks these 10 plus years later? I hope so because as Pogo so aptly said, “We have met the enemy, and he is us,” as he was walking over a garbage strewn Okefenokee Swamp with his pal, Porkypine.

I could match my post doctor farmer partner with my own MDE (Maker of Decent real, local, resilient, life-giving, regenerative, good, healthy Eats). I devour cookbooks for appropriate recipes to trial with the resources at hand….some taste terrible and others, after some tweaking, are fit for the spotlight. If customers and our honored farm share members come back for seconds then I have won that leg of the race. I cling to the hope that folks will choose what is best rather than being directed by culture and taste buds. I mean really….

My comfort foods WERE fermented sauce from fish entrails, pungent dried minnows, HOT peppers, unripe fruit with sea salt chunks and of course sweetened condensed milk by the canful. They crossed the ocean with me to a land of sanitized, bland food – it was a hoot when the two extremes partnered and here we are…44 years later!

Welcome to a new reality that has disrupted all of our lives. It is a chance moment to dream of crossing over to a different shore and meeting a new friend and realizing we are ALL part of “us”.