9 to 5 perceptions

When are the beginnings and endings to a work day? Should I define it according to the current tax system…I am a volunteer, so am I working? How about categorizing work by feelings….I love to clean toilets (haha) thus that doesn’t count? The concept of work has been a point of contention since childhood; Sundays were a day that I was not to be creative by sewing or working in the garden, while washing dishes somehow was not included on that holy list. Perceptions.

Switch the numbers around to being 5 to 9 and those are the recommended servings of fruit and vegetables we are to eat EVERYDAY. That is one of the main reasons we began this adventure more than 10 years ago, Jubilee Fruits and Vegetables, LLC. The options of locally grown produce is one awesome list of choices! Why is mediocrity acceptable?

Steve and I were forced to learn new cooking styles and to enjoy eating many unheard of fruits and vegetables. Daikon radishes are still providing a crisp bite in stir fries, kohlrabi and Hakurei turnips add texture to salads. Cantaloupe reduces the amount of sugar when added to sour tasting plum, rhubarb or gooseberry sauce. Aronia berries and raspberries add color and kick up the nutrients. I look for a munch at least three times a day, it needs to be quick and nutritious and this year all 366 days, no days off! Perceptions….if it takes 12 tries with a child to like a new taste, I wonder how much longer for us with deep traditions of complacency?

We have to learn new updates on computers, taxes, cars, bank accounts, teaching methods for children and so why not real food which has lifelong implications?

Sow and let’s Hoe on!