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Main Street, written a century ago by Minnesota author, Sinclair Lewis, should be required reading for folks marrying a family practice doctor and moving to a southwest Minnesota town! It is a spoof on our way of life in these parts which still rings true.

I have lived in over 20 different places, annually packing all my belongings in a box to move back “home” to be with family members. No spot has claims on me; it is a joy to travel on. This community has been our stomping grounds for almost 30 years and with that comes an accumulation of memories and STUFF! Books. We were surrounded by books until joining the amazon flow and becoming a seller of all our farming books as well as the collections of spanish and french libraries.

There is a worn stack of small books that will be kept that do not have farming advice but rather wisdom from generations past. My great grandfather’s 1870 Book of Common Prayer – he died young from tuberculosis, a very tiny Bible story book to occupy oneself during a Yearly Meeting of Friends, great, great grandpa Outerbridge’s New Testament, a copy of Poor Richard’s Almanac that is slightly burned, The Lays of Ancient Rome from my great grandmother Lyra Tregelles who died shortly after my grandfather was born. It is amazing how we each come to be from all that happened before us. What will be said of us four generations hence? What did we value and hold dear?