Leading in truth telling

The older girls were my “guidance counselors” throughout my years of boarding schools. My observation skills were honed sharp in order to survive all the upheavals.Youth and house parents came and went, thus my “family” was continually in motion. I became a trickster but knew that truth telling was ALWAYS the final chapter, always. The pranks with water, sheets, reading locked diaries, peeking down from hidden attic passages, broken pipes and resulting wahoos had to be worth the consequences after the truth telling.

What if, in these final days of Jubilee, we were found to have been secretly using a smorgasbord of chemicals and poisoning the ground water, that we were sending clouds of pollutants out of our central boiler and Peacemeals was a refuge for carcinogens, cardiovascular malevolence and weight enhancers? Just another one in the crowd. What then? Would the lies be ignored – I hope not!

There are shelves of books with stories, fables and fairy tales demonstrating the unpleasant consequences of following a tricky leader: from Russia “The Frog Princess” or maybe “The Tinder Box” or “The Wild Swans” from H.C. Anderson or “Bluecrest” by Madame d’Aulnoy. Oh, the stories we could read together!

In the Good Book, Joshua, advanced in years, gathers the leaders for final instructions before his death; and tells them to be careful and love the One who was leading them and not to be wooed down the wrong path by other things. Choose this day which leader is all about truth telling. Hmmm

We are coming to the end of our time in this community. The current winter farm shares will be the last CSA, and those that signed up for more will be paid back. The final month for Jubilee Market & Peacemeals will be April. It’s been a long trek through the wilderness. If we could peek over into the “promised land” what would it look like? There would be a table where ALL were welcome – imagine! May it be so.