Dinosaur breath

My farmer partner and I sleep cozily in bed – it’s one of the benefits after a long winter’s day. What I do not like is to wake up breathing in his used up air. Just the thought gives me shivers. Actually, all existing air once swooshed through dinosaur lungs. There is no cosmic creator of fresh air particles; we are part of a package deal. No Misi-ziibi.com with same day delivery of fresh minted molecules. This is it.

We have the smallest garbage bin with a pick up every two weeks for our home, market, restaurant and farm. I forgot to put the bin out in time last week but they made a special effort to circle back to include my garbage. Now that is HOMETOWN SERVICE!

The Cottonwood County landfill is building another pod to the tune of six zeros with a one at the front to contain all of our cast off stuff! Imagine….I am part of that garbage mix. My garbage builds methane producing mountains where once there was prairie and bluffs overlooking the river.

The quiddity ( new word for the day) of Jubilee Market & Peacemeals should be evident by now, since we are coming to the end of our stay in these parts. Building resilient communities was our motto in all aspects…..including the push to eat more fruits and vegetables for your own health’s sake.

There are all sorts of choices for the farm shares these final weeks. All soup varieties and BBQ pork and turkey sandwiches are available for pick up sale prices.