When learning to read, there is much to be gleaned from the interspacial area between the lines. Words written or spoken are merely cheap ink or hot air if there is no corresponding action. I am known to speak harshly and jump up on kitchen tables to prove my frustration with the acceptance of complacency in these parts. To balance this wildness in public arenas, there is a strong sense to save face in others – it was imperative in the culture of my youth.

My metamorphosis over the last 28 years has been quite a ride! An accomplice at my side would have been a hoot! Steve and I will be moving to the metro area to find endeavors that need assistance, near to public transportation and good real eats, of course. This planet and all that supports life needs scrutiny and action if we are ALL to reach our God-given potential.

Metamorphosis – a change of the form or nature of a thing or person into a completely different one, by natural or supernatural means. inked in the Oxford dictionary. Imagine the potential – wowee!

With a freezer full of produce, metamorphosing is the task at hand. Jams, soups, bierrocks, vinaigrettes, baked goods and on and on the list goes with new and old recipes. Quite the challenge!

Farm shares this week will have choices of soup or pickles, salad mix, winter squash, onions, vinaigrettes, hummus, savory sauce, mustard, cabbage, frozen veggies or berries of all sorts. Harvest Bread or buns are available.