Packing in joy

When loneliness or sadness overwhelms me, I start packing joy. These little parcels glitter like spangles throughout the day and fit snugly in my memory box to lift me to brighter spaces.

Beets were packed in quart jars for pickles as well as pasta sauce and pizza sauce from summertime tomatoes. Raspberry jam will be the joy parcel for the morrow. I have multitudes of blue quart bottles that need some joyful filling. Peppernuts?

Farm shares will be a list of choices…joyful ones! Salad mix or frozen veggies; leek, tomatoes, radishes or turnips; Swiss chard or kohlrabi, Brussels sprouts or green cabbage, beets or garlic, onions or sweet potatoes, potatoes or squash and frozen raspberries for the larger shares.