Let’s celebrate

Next week is our anniversary year for fruit and flowers; Jubilee Market & Peacemeals has been keeping us out of mischief for four years! Imagine – I can’t! We are going to celebrate by serving a hot fruit chai along with some other fruity oddments.

Botanically speaking, winter squash is a fruit not a vegetable due to there being seeds inside rather than lofted high in the air on an aging flower stem. Winter squash is typically eaten as a savory dish like a vegetable, except for the extravagance this time of year with pumpkin pie which hearkens to its fruitiness.

A new store on the edge of town carries fruit vaping cartridges; evilness on all counts! Anyone up for a protest group? We could distribute real fruit for our action statement as well as a banner “Build community – not cemeteries and landfills”

The farm share fruit choice this week will be: apples or apple sauce. On the vegetable side: beets or leeks or Brussels sprouts, Charlie’s sweet potatoes, salad mix or potato leek soup, Hakurei turnips, acorn or delicata or potatoes or onions.