Gearing down

There was growling from my large mixer when it kneaded a batch of Apple Crisp bread dough on Saturday. Not a happy sound! Steve and I had planned to take on the task of cleaning out the gear box in January during our “vacation”. Instead, we moved the date up two months and accomplished the job in 6 hours last Sunday afternoon!

There were gears upon gears both horizontal and vertical, metal shafts, double nuts, washers of all sizes in a thick bath of dark goop. Each object was schlupped out of the gruesome mess and laid out in consecutive fashion on the table. I had the clean hands and managed the video and gave the helpful advice along with extra oomph to loosen cranky nuts. Every piece removed found its rightful spot in a clean bath of special grease. Ta dah! The mixer now hums a merry tune and bread can once again be forthcoming.

Gears. Across the oceans and many years ago, my family’s vehicle was a Dodge power wagon. This was one powerful beast. It could winch up washed out mountainsides during the monsoons. All of the passengers would have to walk as it slowly pulled in the chain and inched its way up. The low range gears were clicked in and our lives depended on the strength of the tree that the chain was attached to. We traveled through flooded rivers, across treacherous log bridges barely the width of the power wagon and helped to haul out upended fellow travelers with the gravelly strength of those gears.

I’d like my epitaph to read: Here lies a low range gear, one that pulled us out of the washed out ruts to reach the mountain top.

Good eats for the road: salad mix, Napa cabbage, leeks, Brussels sprouts, JUBILEE CARROTS, Hakurei turnips, winter squash, kohlrabi, cilantro and onions. Where else can you find this assortment grown. Farm share members are special folks!