Rule of 9

The “rule of 9” is a strong recommendation, backed by evolving research and methodology, and has been around in some form for my lifetime, all of 65 years! According to this rule, those of us who wander around on 2 legs should munch 5-9 fruits and vegetables everyday…along with a variety of other good eats! We ignore the gauge that is on empty more than we realize until the “rule of 90” sets in….which in broad terms says public employees can quit working and enjoy the scenery when their working years PLUS age EQUALS 90. Will health be there to greet those that cross the finish line?

Nine plant food choices in a day is about 5 1/2 cups, which may look like a lot ….. it should! Break that down into 16 hours of munches…I try and have 3 meals with a bunch of grazing – but arriving at 9 is still a challenge. That is why I tuck fruits and vegetables into everything on the menu at Peacemeals and into the bread and cookies.

There is another “rule of 9” in this little town, that is being ignored and we are losing the very essence of community. Let’s count… 3 grocery stores and 6 eating nooks… What if ALL of us walked to these cheery spots for our groceries and lively discussions with friends and neighbors?