Is it a rocket salad?

What’s in a name? I would choose a Rocket Feta Salad, it sounds intriguing compared to Arugula Feta Salad….both being about the same thing…cousins in the mustard family or green leaves with a kick.

What is arugula good for? There are good amounts of calcium and iron along with vitamins A, C and K. If you know your vitamin alphabet …. vitamin C is water soluble, meaning it can easily be lost in extra cooking water. I like to use small amounts to brighten a salad or sautéed veggie dish. Throw it in after the heat has been turned off.

Arugula is for sale this week and for farm share members. When the weather turns cool, the leaves are not so spicy. There will also be beautiful head lettuce (be gentle with it), Pac choi, spinach, Brussels sprouts, Hakurei turnips, watermelon radishes, daikon radishes, tomatoes and a chunk of watermelon….since they come in 20# size….the farmer gets a bit carried away;)