Favorita jam

For want of use a jam was made. For want of a jam a sandwich was made. For want of a sandwich a menu was made. For want of a menu a visit was made. For want of a visit a search was made. For want of a search a computer was used and we found a restaurant in Eden Prairie that served a Chicken Parmigiana, Bufala Mozzarella, Tomato Jam sandwich!

An elegant evening meal of many tastes and plates was served. The sandwich I had come to sample was delicious along with all the other good eats. My Favorita Jam is still tops; I serve it grilled with Swiss cheese. I am in good company even though it seems a little far-fetched on this spot of earth.

Favorita is the name of the cherry tomatoes we grew this summer. Tomatoes are a fruit and thus jam is most normal. It is a wonder how we choose food that is acceptable. I walked into a well-known huge grocery store while on the jam adventure and was shocked that EVERYTHING was came in a package!

The less traveled path often holds the truth – you may find Favorita Jam in a sandwich!

This week there is a choice of salad mix, spinach, Napa cabbage, green cabbage, Delicata or Acorn squash, onions, potatoes, turnips & radishes, garlic, leeks and Brussels sprouts. Hey Ho!