Silencing the buzz

A handy-dandy electrician just left Peacemeals after having switched in a new gizmo for an obnoxious buzzing one. At times its buzz pitch would reach alarm levels and I would turn on another noisy machine to lesson the impact – more racket hid the truth.

Yep, truth is not the obvious winner – it seems to become apparent after much searching and consideration of things far distant. There are too many gizmos sending out hummings and growls that truth is lost in the din. Excuses are made and life suffers from the largest to what still remains unseen. How dare we continue this path?

Our work as farmers is to provide the best produce to inspire folks to be strong and wise in their communities; to always have an extra place at the table. Truth might visit so let’s be ready with spinach, leeks, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, cucumbers, watermelon, Brussels sprouts, Hakurei turnips and fennel.