Where there is communion, rapport, fellowship or a resumption of harmonious relations you will find rapprochement (a French word that I was surprised to see is accepted as English….. ). Say it in French and you have nailed it! (make the “r” at the back of the throat leaving the mouth open and the final syllable starting to say “mom” but quit after the “o”) Say it in English and it sounds like winged, skittering bugs that are never in good rapport with me.

Relations are coming this weekend – daughter, son in law, grandson, sister, uncle and aunt in law. Harmonious all. Fine fellowship is expected. A rapprochement! What if that circle extended out even further to cousins in law, friends in law, farmers in law, moms in law…that would be one rapprochement party!

The word is out – we are to be in MN Cooks on August 25 at the Great Minnesota Get-Together. Most honorific with a large scoop of anxiety – hey ho. We will be making our Super Berry Smoothy and Take 10 cookies for all the onlookers and the panel of distinguished guests. Join us! Make sure to get a MN Cooks 2020 calendar with our pics in it – the first time that a farmer and chef are highlighted from the same family and business. We are unique and VERY crazy….

May the box of zucs, cucs, tomatoes, onions, kale, herbs, green beans, beets, celery and fennel bring us all closer to a rapprochement around the table. Make it tasty and of course good for body and soul.