It is fair time with a competition for everything. Judges of every caliber are called upon to rate each entry, from how an animal poses to the best flower arrangement and all points in between.

I was called up to be on the list for jury duty from September through December. That put me in a complete panic since my work hours are ranging in the 14’s and longer! I wrote a letter to the folks to explain the current situation: that we would have to close the business and cut employee hours. After much thought a reprieve was given and I can serve my reduced time in January. Grateful to be judged fairly.

Judging by the variety of what is being harvested …there is to be a nice selection for farm share members: Brussels Sprouts, Fennel or Celery, Beets, Green Beans, Tomatoes, Cucs, Zucs, Onions, HEAD LETTUCE (consider yourselves honored) and Herbs.

Considering the mote in your eye, I need to remember there is a beam tucked into my vision – So, let’s keep our eye’s on the prize and that we all are walking this path together.