I barely made a “C” in Accounting 101 thus ……..well, who really knows what amortizing means? Its roots relate to “killing it off” or reducing the cost or value of something. Choosing to live, eat and work close to the source has amortized bills for medical, gas and groceries. Is that all to life? Goodness, NO!

This precious planet seems to be up for grabs – who is paying attention to the ledger? If the principal is never amortized, and the pleasure of using “free” money, air, water, soil is not accounted for, then maybe we should repeat that accounting class for our children’s sake.

Inflation, as in a hot air balloon, will give a most marvelous ride, but not everyone will fit in the basket for the lift off. Then what? We are one family, one race – the only one. We need brain power to solve earth’s ledger mismanagement and thus we present: garlic, kale, lettuce, summer squash, cucumbers, tomatoes, green beans, beets, Brussels sprouts and fennel.

May there be folks with better smarts than me for the amortization to come – I have the good eats and a perfect spot for the dinner table that we can gather around.