Heading home

The timekeeper of the heavens has long past galloped over the horizon as I head back to where I eat, sleep and stem gooseberries. This house has given me sanctuary over the 27 years of life in Mountain Lake. It seems to have grown in spaciousness! Possessions are slowly being repossessed by others.

Home. It seems like every living thing craves its space. An aluminum foil hat now sits on top of the security sensor above the market door…Why? Barn swallows are enjoying the one-eyed mirror and attempted to build a nest. Every swoop past the sensor sends a signal and a beep to our phones and a buzzer at home. Music could be made if they only knew how to keep a beat.

Our sojourn on this earth is but a shiver in spacetime. No one has Idun’s magic apples of immortality, Hebe’s ambrosia or has found the Water of Life. We have a beginning and an end. What transpires between those two events is life – heading home. Will I be welcomed as well as the others on this path?

Food for the hikers: green onions, kale, cabbage, tomatoes, peas, summer squash, cucumbers, kohlrabi and salad mix. Beautiful cauliflower and beets have been harvested and are for sale – maybe next week’s boxes.