Cool as a ……

Munching cucumbers and tomatoes everyday is becoming routine. The snap and pop of the juice is so refreshing. I am following the 3000 year old path of seed saving, planting and harvest from India through Egypt where you can read about their good munches in the book of Numbers…chapter 11. Emperor Tiberius, Charlemagne and then to Catherine of Aragon who liked them with her salads.

The stories throughout the centuries continue on down to me! Imagine! Instead of studying about wars in history class and who survived the slaughter we could have followed the cucumber through time. I certainly would have had more alphas than omegas on my report cards. Instead of our current predicament there might be more of a mindset of protecting our soil and the food we eat. The fun article is

It is cool to munch a crunch of veg chips – goodness sakes! To help with that endeavor we have a choice of the final salad mix (last week’s picking) or an extra pound of cucumbers …or tomatoes; then of course more cucumbers and tomatoes; a choice of beets, green onions or kale; a choice of fennel, cauliflower or cabbage; summer squash; basil, parsley or summer savory.