Boxed in

Our large walk-in freezer has been limping along for several months. Events happened along the way that prolonged the painful demise and brought on an emergency – oh my! A van-load of precious cargo is now at the back of the public school’s freezer. It was empty, now that school is not in session – most fortunate of days! There will be no mistaking whose is whose……cardboard boxes for the school and fruits and vegetables belong to Peacemeals. Hmmmm

My boxed-in button is one that needs to be maneuvered with caution. Note the large windows in Jubilee Market & Peacemeals! Tradition is a strong current in these parts, raging at times….and I am not a swimmer….a runner maybe – though it is more of a slow trot these days.

Steve found a box from the mail carrier outside our front door. It had gone through several downpours! If you come to visit…there are other doors – haha. Inside the box is a most exquisite mink coat from my great Aunt Lou Nolan. Oh my goodness…won’t I be a sight now?

Aunt Lou is the one that rescued my grandpa from his troubled place and gave him the home he dearly needed. He was able to go to Westtown, a Quaker college-preparatory boarding and day school. Along with studies, his antics doing gymnastic tricks on top of the chimneys of large 3-story buildings and shimmying down rain pipes to catch the trolley for Philly helped him survive his eventual jobs of managing Kresge Department stores during the strife of war and civil rights.

And then there is me!

Summer farm shares that begin today – salad mix, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, broccoli, kohlrabi or kale, snow peas and Napa cabbage. Yummers – would you like this with a box?