Me and Steve

It is that time of year when folks head to the fields for rock-picking. My first years in Mountain Lake I picked up “stones”….a “rock” was something on a mountain path that was tripped over. Another misnomer are the “gravel” roads which from my background I would call “dirt” since gravel does not turn into a mushpot in the rain.

We lost our whole crew these two weeks to mostly rocks – imagine! It is as if everyone left on vacation at the same time leaving Steve and me for lunch restaurant duty and taking care of the harvest. Fortunately, we do like to work together and we run our miles each morning for the day’s strength.

Farm shares will include lots of salad greens, spinach, asparagus or Hakurei turnips, radishes, kale or green onions and……flowers to eat! These will be arugula flowers that are a wonderful addition to any salad and some chive flowers that can be sprinkled over a dish. Tomatoes are turning colors – whoo whoo!