Delicious Decoys

An insect’s eyes are a masterpiece. When it comes to the apple maggot fly….I wish they were blind. It visits Minnesota each summer and stays until we start thinking about coats and mittens again.

I would be Moolicious Cream if we were named by our favorite foods! There would be far too many Bubbly Dews and Patty Buninfries wandering around.

Back to the apple maggot fly – it crawls out of the ground and heads for lunch in the shrubbery and woods. It returns to a perfect nursery and lays eggs just under the skin of an apple. There the egg hatches into a larvae and it tunnels around in the apple before it falls to the ground to begin the cycle all over again.

We will be hanging up Red Delicious decoys coated with Tanglefoot in each of our apple trees. The sticky traps will remain in the trees until harvest. The only truth to that type of apple is the color – red. As to the taste …… The smell of the fermenting apple must entice the flies to check it out and whoops! they get stuck in the Tanglefoot (another good name).

Our goal at Jubilee is to be a delicious decoy – to encourage folks to step out of the usual ruts and choose life-giving options to soar free. To that end we will have kohlrabi, Napa cabbage or Romaine, radishes, herbs (basil/mint/parsley), cherry tomatoes, jam or pickles and a salad mix for the farm shares to enjoy.

Choose to be delicious or maybe even moolicious in your outlook. No telling what might happen!