Catching up

A new plot south of the market was to have been tilled last fall for spring planting. It was accomplished this week, at least the first step. We are moving our beds in closer to the water source, which only makes sense. A buckwheat ground cover is planned for the first seeding to prepare the area for the fall garlic. Thus a year has passed – one cycle. There isn’t much time for a “whoops” – one strike and it’s an ‘out’ until the next go around.

We asked a friend to come and consult us on his organic method for apple trees. Everyone and every flying bug seems to like a munch or a spot to start the next generation! Here’s to an apple crop with crisp munches that I am the first one to make – haha.

Farm shares will have a fine selection of munches: kohlrabi, salad mix, Romaine lettuce, Easter egg radishes, garlic scapes, frozen carrots or cantaloupe and the larger shares to get Pac choi and a choice of pizza sauce/Flaxony (flax, sunnies & honey=flaxony) bread or granola.