We moved…….the high tunnel

Whoo whoo! A stress fog obscures the emotions when seasons change and we have to find a window of perfect weather to move the high tunnels to their next plot – no wind, no rain, and enough strong people to push. It worked almost perfectly Monday morning. The brown thrasher kept up its doodly tune to keep us focused on fun and frivolity.

Folks stopped in for a quick bite yesterday on their wanderings and we had a most interesting discussion. They are moving to a town on Lake Superior where an active restorative justice program and a host of other endeavors gives rise to the question – “Why not here?”

Moving on… now we have a window of time before the next humidity event to get all of our leeks tucked into their beds. If anyone is feeling bored and wants to learn a new trick, give us a call – we can use some extra hands! The new cocoa date pie cookie will be trialed and tasters are needed as well as a better cookie name.

Spinach has moved into full sunlight and is providing a crop every other day! This week the farm shares should get a nice selection of spinach, some greens, rhubarb, asparagus, choices of frozen broccoli, corn, green peppers or tomatoes; and of course maybe pickles, sauces or frozen berries – depending on the harvest.