Power source

There is a large new gas heater hanging from the rafters in each high tunnel. The older ones were leaking and attempted to kill all the tomatoes. The leaves turned from emerald green to yellow and then to brown in the time in takes me to be hungry for lunch! My oh. Two full gas tanks are at the ready with a special gizmo that switches over when a tank runs empty. This past Sunday night, thermostats were set at 48°F for the frost warning. All was checked at sundown before heading home.

Steve slides through the dark of night with vivid dreams of adventure and awkwardness. I usually am not accompanying him, which is most thoughtful – haha. The crazy life of a family doc trained to withstand 36 hours or more of concentrated wakefulness is another story but it saved the night from Jack’s grip of frost. Steve wandered out to check on the tomatoes and found NO heat! After dismantling everything he remembered having jarred the wire to the thermostat and sure enough – it was loose…..

The moral – I may know my power source but am I hooked up to it? There’s the Main Power Source or power plant, but then there are a few sub stations and of course power lines with poles that can blow down between me and the Main Power Source.

Plants have leaves that have chlorophyll, little energy factories. Leaves face the sun – no wires attached, but energy flows the same.

To help with the outlying power that keep us strong and hopeful we present: salad mix, spinach, asparagus, rhubarb, herbs, potatoes and pickles for the larger shares.