A dillema of giant proportions

Take a glance into the greenhouse and note the towering dill tree; its flower is more than a foot across! A random seed must have taken root and found the source of giant proportions. I have been harvesting its feathery leaves for a green garnish during this persistent interlude of somber colors. There is something magical about the color green after a long winter of disconnect.

As has been said before….the puppets represent my “cloud of witnesses” … they are a visual reminder to “get back in the boat and try again” or to choose to dance even though I am lousy and would rather sit it out. Music gives energy to my soul, I can play it to the heavens if no one is around – haha. Someone stopped by the other day and took offense at my methods of staying on track. They tried to peg me in a square hole…..it never works. Spices should always be in containers of any shape, away from light and heat or they lose their potency. After a year, refresh the supply. The Good Book talks about salt keeping its flavor – it rejuvenates itself out and about.

Farm share folks will each get a large bag of greens and some spinach – whoo whoo! Consider yourselves most special. Along with greens there will be choices of wild greens (chives, nettles, solomon’s seal, lovage), MN potatoes or carrots, frozen green peppers, carrots or sauces and pickles for the regular shares.

There are choices to be made, other than what’s for supper. I hope to someday continue the conversation of my shape – I’m aiming for giant proportions – haha.