A new Max

It is a new day of expectant hope. I am maxed out with sorrowful news, where humankind has managed to forget its connections to the Divine. We are family and share the same finite home. Let us count the ways we have progressed down the alternate path of caring for this earth…..

It feels pointless at times; each errand made by foot or bike only tips the scale a nanogram for the amount of fresh air saved. If we were responsible for the garbage we created, would our children be proud to see all the heaps piled around our homes in plain sight? Could I see the sky? We have shown the world how to max out on carbon dioxide emissions. There is a season to turn around and make a change for our children’s children’s.. ∞ might it be now?

Two hundred tomatoes are in the ground and strung up ready to twine around their cords. The reduced number of plants and wider spaces between beds will improve the airflow which should max out their growing potential. One hundred fifty cucumbers are being seeded today; they are fussier about the temperature – a whiff of 50° curls their toes.

Next week begins our new spring CSA farm shares. It is going to be another adventure with maximum excitement and good eats at the ready! Let me tell you. Farming is not for the faint-hearted! My heart would have given out years ago. There will be some creative items from Peacemeals to fill up the boxes until the sun’s warming rays reach the shivering little plantlets. Hey Ho – there is always hope of all sorts!

As to a new Max…..we are now grandparents to a baby Max who hopes to one day come visit us. Now won’t that be special?