Scrub a tub a tub…..of carrots

Two thousand pounds of carrots and counting is an optimistic view about healthy food choices in this town. I may eat handfuls of scrubbed dancing carrots everyday but the indulgence is not replicated in other households. Their legs need a good scrub and a trim off the top and tippy toes – no peeling necessary. Check out the ‘pale orange pants with nobody inside them……

Fortunately, I listen to ebooks to while away the scrubbing of dancing limbs. The plan is to freeze the sweet, crispy dancers and puree the sweet & tired ones for future baking of McGregor’s bread.

This adventure requires constant attention …..always….and then to have alternate plans in all areas. Whew! With the report of more moisture this week, we have opted to use the only dry patch of soil in a high tunnel to plant out the tomatoes. Hauling 40 buckets of compost for the beds through ponds and marshes will be a trick….. We run our laps around town in order to have the strength to keep farming – haha.

April is Earth Month, a time to ponder and set new goals for how to live a cleaner life for our own well-being but more so, for the ones to follow. A scientist from the UMN Bee Lab, Gary Reuter, will be telling some of his stories at the next farm dinner, April 26. Come for a good munch or arrive later to hear his wonderful tales.

There is a celebration of children, families and reading on Saturday, April 27, known commonly as Día or El día de los niños/El día de los libros (Children’s Day/Book Day). There is an RSVP for both of these events. Stop by!