There needs to be a very strong reason to put something in my mouth if it insults my tastebuds. The common thought that nutritious food is inherently bad tasting only shows the ignorance of the cook….well then? That’s been my challenge, to create interesting recipes that utilize local produce and move us away from blandness to appreciate the goodness in real food. It takes many attempts; some concoctions fail royally but others join the ranks of recipes that should be in a cookbook – haha

Fermented dilly carrots are my latest adventure. I had to take several runs of antibiotics to clear up an infection and wanted to replenish the friendly bacteria zoo that lives with me. Antibiotics are overused in all aspects of life from dish soap to animal feed-additives, the later may account for 40% of antibiotic production. Hmmmm

I was offered to get a prescription for probiotics along with the antibiotics. I rigged up my own ‘prolife’ with quarts of homemade yogurt and live fermented ends and odds. That’s where the carrots and dill fit in with a bit of salt and garlic – most delish after a week on the counter!

Farm share folks will all get a chance to partake of the above ‘prolife’ dilly carrots. They should sit out for a few more days until the taste is right. The carrots should be pushed beneath the liquid to keep everything working correctly. There will also be a salad mix, choices of carrots/potatoes and beets, granola or bread and a salsa choice for regular shares.