Dancing with dreamers

I have been scrubbing my way through a TON of carrots……that’s 2,233 pounds! Due to the wet fall last year, each carrot has several ‘legs’ and takes on some very odd contortions – many add chuckles while others get me thinking about running and dancing.

At the end of a day, I turn up the music to blow out the cobwebs and magic enters the space where dreams become possibilities once again. I hope the neighbors don’t notice!

What IF? What if our communities were prepared to meet adversity with the available resources we had on hand – energy, transportation, food, communication and did I mention FOOD…real food? Imagine! Clinics and hospitals would write up farmacy prescriptions. During winter months, warm-blooded folks would be thrilled to sign up for a round of indoor church and school walks or runs – The Winter Circuit. We would celebrate everyone’s accomplishments -the sporty and the not so.

What IF? What if there would be such keen interest in real food that there would be 6 movable high tunnels in the two acres east of Jubilee Market? Twenty full-time employees including a chef and a farm manager would be providing awesome produce and good eats year around! Imagine! That would be my piece; it is not out of reach but a choice we would make as a community.

There are many more things to consider before a community is prepared for disaster, of course. What IF? What if walking were the norm or even riding bikes? Whoo Whoo!

It’s these dancing carrots …now if everyone would come and help….we could all dream of ways to make this place more resilient….AND the remaining 300 pounds of carrots would be ready to pirouette around the stage!

Farm share folks are our sustainers – Yay for them! We are coming to the end of winter – do I hear a Hip Hip? This week there is to be a large bag of salad mix for everyone; a choice of potatoes, dancing carrots or beets and then a bunch of choices. Next week will be a come when you want and choose.