Traveling the ruts

I run following the car ruts through drifts of snow this time of year. When horizon, landscape and surroundings are the same absence of color….white….I lose depth perception and almost ran into a 5 foot drift earlier this week!

Water buffalo….I’m thinking warm thoughts, travel much the same way, step by step they follow each other through the mud. A corduroy path remains with slippery hillocks squooching into the chocolate (poopy) channels where the hooves followed in unison. When a buffalo herd had shared our hiking path – what a mess!

Ruts of deep mud often saved our power wagon from careening off the mountain side around the tight curves. It was tricky trying to gauge if a mine truck was coming in the opposite direction in the same rut. I always sat in back, feet dangling off the endgate, seeing the world backwards after everything had occurred.

Ruts are the comfort zone, the cozy snuggle, necessary at times but….. their ending is often routine and predictable. If our dollars flow to the big places for food, entertainment and other life’s choices the little spots ……….

We had a fun Make & Take cooking class last night – all about carrots: Carrot Cake Jam, Carrot Lemon Jam, Maple Carrot Smoothie and Super Take 10 Cookies. The carrot and winter squash in the smoothie was a great surprise to the tastebuds – delish! I love the jams.

Following in the footsteps of good eats, farm share members will be the only ones to get a salad mix this week as well as: Jubilee pizza sauce and shells, choice of hummus or savory sauce, carrots or beets, and the regular shares – herbs, and a frozen choice.