Surrounded by witnesses

Am I who I say I am? Is there a witness that can come forward? Hmmm

Returning to Minnesota, this past weekend from sunnier parts, I was prepared for the blizzard that greeted me since my departing plane, 4 days earlier, had been the last one permitted to leave the runway in that blizzard. At the security in Philadelphia, I created a large stir….the xray could not penetrate my sweatshirt, vest and blouse (MN wear) so the protocol was to get a full body pat down. Hmmm Two women had to be found, the lunch room cleared out and more isometrics on my part. Goodness! Is there a witness?

Air travel causes a greater impact on our fragile climate; the atmospheric envelope that sustains us is being injected with gas emissions at higher altitudes and at worsening levels. Who is my witness?

Community is a group of folks choosing to be in proximity to each other. It is well-known what is good for the body and soul in terms of nutrition, exercise, and spiritual aspects or raison d’etre. High blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes are closely aligned with personal life choices. So…..I keep running (trotting) through the bleak days of winter to keep up my part of the community bargain….and of course eating my fruits and veggies. Is there a witness?

The puppets that are gazing down from their high shelves in the market are my “crowd of witnesses” to encourage me to think of the children and the generations to come…am I being faithful to the calling?

Farm shares are minus a salad mix this week – sorry. Instead, there will be potatoes, dancing carrots, frozen veggies and fruit from summer past, salad dressing or hummus, beets – onions – frozen cookies 😉 , fresh cilantro or kale.

Be a witness to good eats!