It is soup time

Let it be known that Potato Leek Soup is again available! Our leek crop was a failure this past year …….since “Singing in the Rain” does not pertain to vegetables with umbrellas over their heads. I could practice Sinatra’s outlook on life and love in a downpour and see if my feet can keep up – haha.

Back to soup – this month we will be matching up to $1,000 of soup sales and give the proceeds to a local cause. Both resurrecting a community garden that was plowed up with much sadness from the onlookers and more bikes for commuting did not work out. My current endeavor for the grant is to work with the Plum Creek Library system to purchase eaudio books that help us grasp the magnitude of the situation we are in and to find hope for the journey ahead. Hmmm

Our farm dinner next Friday, February 15, with Brian DeVore, is looking to be a worthwhile evening. Yay! Join us for the meal or come later to hear his stories from his new book, “Wildly Successful Farming.” We are all pieces in this puzzle and when one piece is missing – yoikes do I have a conniption!

As to farm shares: there will be salad mix with plenty extra to purchase, onions/carrots, frozen veggies or roasted garlic(yum), fresh cilantro/dried herbs, frozen berries, jam and a sample of a new carrot salad that I hope to have for everyone to try.

Soup shares are on – purchase a share for the month at a discount and pick up a quart each week.The soup will be fresh and handed off to you in a glass bottle for you to return on the following week. What could be better?                                   I am waiting……;)