Why Hakurei?

‘Tis the season for perfectly white Hakurei turnips that are surprising sweet and creamy; also known as salad turnips, Japanese turnips or Tokyo turnips. I like them best raw in all manner of ways: straight out munched after a quick rinse, sliced with a carrot stick or two or grated in a salad. They can also be added to a stir-fry for a crunch at the last minute along with their greens. As a quick pickle along with slivers of carrot, they make a nice contrast on a sandwich.

Check out the nutrients and they are impressive for such a humble turnip. In truth, our goal is that everything we grow has a higher nutrient density than the norm. We appreciate our neighbors here and yon, and want the best for them….even though it sure takes a LOT of convincing – haha!

The hakurei turnips were kept under a row cover from the moment they were planted to keep off the flea beetles and the fly maggots. It worked – Yay! They seem to be perfect without any tunnels and their occupants…. A delish munch for lunch.

We moved one high tunnel last week between the downpours and the second one is on the schedule for Friday…..It’s the fun we have after ALL the schlupy, tedious, pruney fingers, mud-caked clothes and boots and long hours…… Ho On! (Oh no backwards)

Along with turnips, there are green onions, sweet peppers, storage onions, potatoes, carrots, sweet potatoes and a bag of salad mix for the farm shares this week. For the larger shares add in: an acorn squash, Zestar apples and a kohlrabi.