Sideways truth

I was once partially related to a presiding president who was later known for his “truth-telling” in a rather sideways manner. That may be the issue with truth…..if I’m (lying) on my side instead of standing up things have a different perspective – I’m not being glared down at but am face to face as an equal.

Truth telling seems to be a scarce resource. I learned its importance as a child, not sure how, but I managed to find the most innovative ways and means to get the spotlight on me. Having a dozen other folks my age under the same roof divided the attention out in much too small a portion by the time it came to me. I ‘fessed up to all the broken pipes, messed up diaries, booby-traps, short-sheeted beds and so forth. The fun was in the truth-telling.

Tall silver maples are now in a rather sideways manner across our yard; once majestic, but a rotten core brought them down. Hmmmm

In truth, Steve and I are inspired to share of the goodness from this patch of land with the rest of the folks who pass by on this particular highway. And further, if truth be told….fennel and eggplant are delish! After removing the fronds and hard core from the fennel bulb, slice it sideways and add it to a stir-fry, or saute in olive oil with a heavy sprinkle of Parmesan or fresh in a salad with fruit. Yummers!

As for eggplant, it acts like a sponge…enhancing the flavors it is combined with, the best being with tomatoes and all things Italian.

The moral: Choose your companions wisely, the ones with the best flavors so you can shine in a true fashion.

Today’s farm share: sweet peppers, Lunch box peppers OR JalapeƱos, Green Beans, Swiss Chard OR Kale, Tomatoes, Fennel OR Eggplant, Cucumbers, Summer squash, Walla walla onions.