Precious, precocious childhood

It’s been 55 years ago that I wandered through caves in northern Thailand on Saturday outings with the rest of the children in the boarding house. Monkeys guarded the entrance as a guide would gather his gear…a flashlight..and we trooped in. Tight squeezes, caverns of bats, watching drops of water from stalactites over ‘mites made for an exciting excursion. The sunlight was greeted with cheers as we exited and raced for our seats in the van. We sang all the way home, songs with repeating verses to give joy to hours.

I’ve been at a US border, on a return trip, and was questioned whether I could prove that my children were my own! I have an internal fear of folks with authority who may have a cap, an office and a gun. I’ve crossed more borders than the years I have wandered this planet. At any point, if I had been taken from my family……

I don’t understand why folks in this country act the way they do….often with a cap, an office and a gun. Making memories of such magnitude will erase childhood that is only a precious moment in time.

Jubilee Market is set up with childhood in mind…..there is a library of wonderful books that can be borrowed or read while enjoying a munch, toys, puzzles, colors and closets of fun. Just ask. A whole row of large tomatoes was poked by a little finger the other day. Grrrrr. That’s the precocious part.

We have plenty of tomatoes left – a tasting party so you can choose which variety you like best…..they are ALL good! For farm share members there will also be: a small Salad mix(coming to the end)/Raspberries , Cucumbers, Broccoli/Green beans, Basil/Summer savory.