10,000 strong

Viewing the sun-burned arms and faces tells Monday’s story`- more than 10,000 plants that were biding their time in the greenhouse finally have their toes in the soil. Whew! The final greens for the salad mix and garlic scallions were harvested early Tuesday morning before the clouds put on their sound and light show to highlight the waterfall….and hail!

I pruned apple trees, gooseberries and all the currants – a staggering pile ready for the chipper shows off my work. My upper body needs a bit of strength building before the next go around.

I LOVE to climb trees; pruning is a joy. I often escaped up a tree, must be 55 years ago and counting, with a book or a gibbon. I am right back where I started when entwined around a branch looking out over the world.

Strong – I hope each one of the 10,000 new plants can withstand the hail that is passing over the landscape! We will have a look in the morning as to the amount of joy or sorrow that will be added to the day’s cup of blessings.

Farm share members will receive a large bag of salad mix, spinach, green onion tops, garlic scallions, baby pac choi, a choice of vinaigrette (maple squash, gooseberry, orange), potatoes and full shares a quart of pickles (chunk, dill, bread & butter, beet).