Tubing the tomatoes

Cutworms are a voracious bunch that munch at the end of the day and through the night. They are the larvae of night-flying moths. The adults do not cause a problem….but their youngsters should all be in community service for the damage they inflict.

In order to protect our new transplants from the ground-dwelling grubs, we collar each plant with a toilet paper tube. It worked for us last year with the 224 tomato plants in the high tunnel – no instant deaths by munchers. Here’s the deal……we need more paper tubes!

Our greenhouse tomatoes, Moskvich along with 589’s and 968’s, are snug in the ground with caging and twine to hold them in place. Each has been tubed, though last year we did not have cutworms in the greenhouse. I am not sure why plants have numbers instead of names. Imagine naming your children that way – how would the nickname sound?

Canned grape juice is now available. The ONLY ingredients are grapes and a bit of water – no added sugar. I like the juice diluted 1:1 and with a bit of sweetener. I have made a wonderful Honeyed Squash and Apple leather…now to trial a grape one!

Grapes are part of the purple super power munch team. We have grown a huge assortment of purples: Saskatoons, eggplant, aronia berries, haskaps, black (purple) currants, potatoes, carrots, kohlrabi, cabbage, onions and beets. My goal is to continue experimenting so that they become more acceptable at the table – they protect us from free radicals, improve immunity and give us the option for a healthier lifestyle.

Farm shares will get to choose carrots, beets, cabbage, potatoes, Sweet meat or Kabocha squash, red onions or garlic, pint of grape juice, frozen vegetable or greens. It is March and we continue to have some mighty fine eats – hip hip!